Why Service Your Vehicle at a Dealership?

October 22nd, 2018 by

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Why service your vehicle at a dealership? It’s a question that’s been asked for decades, along with these accompanying inquiries: Isn’t it cheaper to go to the corner garage? What difference does it make? What few Rumson drivers know is the disservice they’re doing their vehicle by bringing it to just any mechanic. Land Rover Monmouth explains the benefits of servicing your vehicle at an authorized dealer!

Specialized Technicians

When you bring your Land Rover Range Rover to a dealership like Land Rover Monmouth, you can rest assured that the Service Department knows your vehicle inside and out. That’s because dealerships employ specialized technicians who have been manufacturer-trained and usually only work only on your specific brand. Plus, dealerships ensure that technicians stay up-to-date on all the latest upgrades through continued education and training programs. You won’t get that level of expertise and commitment at any old mechanic.

Authentic Parts

What’s more, dealerships use only Original Equipment Manufacturer parts to service your vehicle, meaning that new parts installed will keep your vehicle running exactly as it should since they were made specifically for your make and model. The same can’t be said for corner garages, since they typically rely on aftermarket parts.

Warranty Coverage

Bring your Land Rover to the corner garage, and any repairs or maintenance that may be covered under your current warranty won’t be honored. Take your luxury vehicle to a dealership like Land Rover Monmouth, on the other hand, and repairs will be completed for free for warranty-covered services.

Price and Convenience

It’s often believed that local mechanics provide cheaper service and more convenience. However, with various rotating service specials on offer, dealerships like Land Rover Monmouth keep their prices competitive. Online scheduling and flexible hours also ensure a level of convenience that goes unmatched by other entities, as you’ll be able to bring your vehicle in at a time that fits into your busy schedule.

Schedule Service with Land Rover Monmouth

Schedule service with Land Rover Monmouth near Red Bank to take advantage of all the perks associated with servicing your vehicle at a dealership including service tips like how to check your transmission fluid! You can make an appointment to fit within your busy schedule in Red Bank.

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