Vehicle Protection Plan

Protecting your assets is smart, plain and simple, especially when you purchase a vehicle the caliber of a Land Rover. Fortunately for Land Rover owners, there is comprehensive coverage available through Land Rover that covers nearly every mechanical component of the vehicle. Through the Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan, owners will receive the following:

  • Comprehensive coverage for nearly every mechanical component
  • Protection against costly repairs
  • Transferrable and cancellable policy
  • Nationwide protection
  • Service from industry-trained professionals
  • Professional claims administration
  • Coverage by “A” Rated insurance companies


Parts and Components Covered through the Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan:
The Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan provides coverage for a long list of vehicle parts and components that fall within the following categories.

  • Engine Components
  • Transmission Components
  • Air Conditioning Components
  • Heating/Cooling Components
  • Braking Components
  • Suspension Components
  • Fuel Deliver Components
  • Enhanced Systems Protection

Within each of these categories, there are a number of specific parts through the Land Rover VehicleProtection Plan.
The Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan also provides 24/7 Roadside Assistance for the entirety of the agreement.

See your Service Advisor for more information on the Land Rover Vehicle Protection Program.

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