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Interpreting Land Rover Warning Light Meanings

ABS light. Car dashboard in closeup

An unfamiliar warning light on your Land Rover or Range Rover dashboard can put a damper on any adventure. Your owner’s manual can assist you in deciphering any Land Rover warning light’s meaning, but you should also know that you have the Land Rover Monmouth service team in your corner.

We’re here to help with any and all surprises you encounter on the roads near Rumson and Colts Neck, and we’ve laid out some of the most common Land Rover and Range Rover warning light symbols below.

Land Rover Warning Light Meanings: Severity & Next Steps

  • In general, red dashboard warning lights indicate the most severe issues. You’ll want to schedule service at the earliest opportunity, or drive directly to the nearest authorized service center in some cases.
  • Yellow or amber lights indicate important issues that may not require immediate attention. While acting quickly could help to minimize the risk of escalation, you’re free to take the next steps on your terms.
  • Then there are Land Rover and Range Rover warning light symbols that appear in green or blue. In the vast majority of cases, these lights are just telling you that one or more of your features is currently engaged.

Land Rover & Range Rover Warning Light Symbols

All Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles display a similar array of dashboard warning lights. Explore some of the most common Land Rover warning light meanings below:

  • Airbag: As with your battery light, the airbag light will usually come on for a few moments after you start the vehicle. If this yellow warning light stays on, you should have the airbag checked out.
  • Auto High Beam Assist: Automatic high-beam assist allows your lights to respond to the world around you, and to the presence of other drivers. When this green light appears on your dash, the automatic lights are engaged.
  • Automatic Speed Limiter: Most Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles include a Speed Limiter feature that can provide more control during off-road (or on-road) escapades. You’ll see the words “LIM” next to your set speed when it’s active.
  • Battery Issues: It’s normal to see a red battery light for a few moments after you start your engine. If it stays on, your battery may be low on juice or failing to receive power from the alternator. Land Rover Roadside Assistance can help you jump start your battery in an emergency.
  • Braking Issues: The word “BRAKE”, when it appears in red, is an indication that you are dangerously low on brake fluid. Add more as soon as possible. If you’re full already, or if this doesn’t solve the problem, there’s a more serious braking issue that needs to be identified.
  • Critical Warning: The “critical warning” message may appear in either red or yellow. You can click through the Land Rover InControl® interface to access more detailed information on the issue that the system uncovered.
  • Dynamic Stability Control: The Dynamic Stability Control warning light will appear in yellow if and when the feature is working to keep you in control. It looks like a vehicle with skid marks behind it.
  • Engine Issues: The check engine light will usually appear in yellow. Your first instinct should be to check the gas cap, but if the issue does not resolve on its own, schedule service to let us take a look at your engine and transmission.
  • Exterior Temperature Gauge: The exterior temperature gauge lights up if you need to be on the lookout for ice on the road. It looks like a yellow snowflake.
  • Forward Alert: The Forward Alert light (a vehicle surrounded by a triangle) is not indicative of a deeper issue. It just means that your vehicle’s safety systems are engaged. Usually, the Forward Alert symbol is brought on by your emergency automatic braking or adaptive cruise control technology.
  • Hill Descent: When Hill Descent Control is active, this light will engage. It’s simply letting you know that all is working as it should.
  • Internal Temperature Gauge: This red Range Rover warning light symbol looks like a partially submerged thermometer. The words “ENGINE OVERHEATING” may also be visible. Pull over at the earliest safe opportunity, but don’t touch the hood until the engine has been off for some time. If you see smoke, vacate the immediate vicinity.
  • Oil Pressure: If you see a red or yellow oil lamp on your dashboard, take immediate action to resolve the issue. Sometimes more oil is all that’s needed, but since it may be the result of a leak, we recommend scheduling service.
  • Lane Departure: A light will appear on your dashboard if you exit your lane while your lane departure warning systems are engaged. In some vehicles, this may be accompanied by a vibration felt through the steering wheel.
  • TPMS: A red light that looks like a flat tire with an exclamation mark is trying to tell you that one or more of your tires has gone flat. If the same light is yellow, at least one of your tires is low on air pressure—at least 25% below the recommended level.

Visit Land Rover Monmouth When You’re In Need of Service

If you see any Land Rover or Range Rover warning light symbols that you don’t recognize, give us a call at (877) 673-7122 whenever it’s convenient. We’ll point you in the right direction and help you take advantage of our wide range of rotating service specials, so you can head back out on the roads of Eatontown and Red Bank with confidence.

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